What are the various steps involved in the sale deed registration process?

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2016-08-02 11:53

Sale deed registration* process differs from state to state within the country. Following are the few common steps that are followed at the time of sale deed registration:       i.        Convenient date for registration will be fixed after checking with the seller & buyer / GPA holder (in case if is it issued)      ii.        Coordination with the sub-registrar office in terms of the documentation requirement for registration, and intimation of the same to the seller and buyer or GPA holder.     iii.        Registration time will also be checked and intimated to the seller / buyer or GPA holder     iv.        Registration cost - stamp duty, service tax, etc will be calculated well in advance and an equivalent draft / banker's cheque will be made ready. Mode of payment will be discussed and the payments have to made by the buyer / GPA holder at the time of registration. *The above details are provided for the purpose of reference only. The process & requirements for registration are subjected to change in government policies

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