What will be the procedure followed by your company in the event of rental default by tenant? What is your company's liability in such a situation?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:19

We take due care and attention to see that your tenant(s) pay on time. There could be certain situations where the rental default or delay is not intentional but could be due to a technical difficulty or a temporary problem for the tenant. In all such situations, a company like ours will be in a better position to ascertain if the tenant needs to be let off with a warning or if the matter needs a major escalation. Our clearly defined procedures for rental delays and defaults are explained to the tenant right upfront. If there is a cheque bounce for 2 times we shall issue a termination notice on behalf of the owner. However our company does not guarantee rental collection and cannot take any liability for a bad tenant. We shall strictly follow the procedures laid out for such situations. In the event of a major problem with a tenant, our legal team shall be at hand to assist you to get the tenant vacated through legal means. Costs of such eviction handling shall be extra.

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