What would you do if the tenant fixed by your company turns out to be defaulter after some time due to any reason? How will company handle the situation?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:20

We have an experienced team of people who know how to tackle rent defaulters in a legal manner. In most situations the defaulting party can easily be vacated and rental arrears adjusted against their rental deposit provided timely action is taken and the lease agreement is sound. In the unlikely event that we have to undertake court proceedings to evict the tenant we shall not charge any fees for such follow up (though lawyer's fees shall be extra). And further we will help you find a new tenant without charging any additional service fee provided such eviction happens within a year of fixing the tenant. However if other brokers are involved in finding the tenant under any circumstances then those charges shall be incurred by the owner. Most tenants do not default or delay on payments as long as they understand that someone professional is managing your property. Tenants, who go bad either due to circumstances or otherwise turn out to be so, primarily due to lack of timely action by the landlord.

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