Who will keep track of lease agreement expiry date, rental hike applicability etc. and implement it? Does your responsibility sTop with informing the client about it or would you actually implement it?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:20

Our service includes keeping track of lease agreement expiry dates and rental hike applicability. We shall intimate you about such important items well in advance so that you can take timely action on it. If required, we can also undertake drafting of the lease agreement, getting it signed by tenants and sending it back to you at minimal extra costs. In case of any rental hike as per lease agreement, the tenants shall be informed in advance and if there is any disagreement the issue is put across to the landlord immediately. We act as a facilitator to solve these issues in a quick and fruitful manner and advise you on the pros and cons of any action.

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