How will you deal with things such as tax notices from Govt. Agencies, Apartment Association and Electricity Dept. etc?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:26

Any tax or other notices from government agencies, apartment association are dealt with separately depending on the urgency. We shall follow the procedure of intimating the customer via mail with regard to details like date of payment, amount to be paid etc. If the owner does not respond, two reminder emails will be sent followed by a phone call to remind you about the payment before the due date. Once the payment is received by us, we will do the needful to pay it on your behalf. A proof of payment shall be sent across to you along with the monthly update. If the payment is not sent on time, a notice of non-payment shall be sent through email to the customer on the due date and PROPERTYHANDLING shall not be responsible for the consequences of non-payment. Our responsibility ends with timely intimation and facilitating payment for the client if required.

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