Does your service cater to any time repairs for the tenant? Do you undertake repairs / renovation work on behalf of the landlord if requested for?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:27

No, our tenant package does not include any time repair services for the tenant. Minor repairs and fixes are part of the tenant's responsibility as per most lease agreements in India. In the event this has to be handled as well, it shall be taken up separately through an empanelled vendor of PROPERTYHANDLING at extra costs. Major repairs and renovation that shall affect the building structure unless specifically caused by negligence / misuse by the tenant, usually come under the landlord's responsibility. If a major repair / renovation request is given by a tenant or if assessed independently by us, the same shall be intimated to you. If you choose to use our services for repairs / renovation or even for just supervising the work you can request for an estimate. We will liaise with our vendors / estimate the effort and give you a quote. Once you accept the quote and upon receipt of payment we will proceed with the requested work after informing the tenant. Updates and monitoring reports as may be agreed upon shall be given from time to time till completion of work. An assessment on work completion will be done by qualified personnel from our company In case of an unforeseen emergency where there is danger to human life or property we may initiate repair works without waiting for an approval and the owner shall be contacted as soon as possible. Such repair work carried out by our vendors shall be inspected and certified by qualified personnel from our company. Once the work is completed the bill for the emergency repairs shall be sent across and will have to be reimbursed by the owner within a time frame of 15 days. Non receipt of payment for a period of 30 days shall lead to cessation of service and initiation of recovery proceedings against the owner.

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