How can I be sure that an estimate for repairs given by your executive is accurate and as per market standards? Who verifies whether the estimate is correct?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:27

We will provide an estimate/ quote from a minimum of 2 reputed vendors who are empanelled with us and the same is forwarded for your approval. We have qualified personnel at every branch who have experience with repairs / renovation and maintenance activities who can assess whether a quote is accurate and reflective of actual costs. However if it is difficult to assess exact cost of repairs for some works due to adverse local conditions / wear and tear of parts and associated structures on which the repair is to be undertaken, the possibility of variation will be informed in advance to the client. In all such circumstances the client shall bear the additional cost (if any) on completion of the work. Non receipt of payment for a period of 30 days shall lead to cessation of service and initiation of recovery proceedings against the owner

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