Does your company take responsibility for the quality of work undertaken by your empanelled vendors? What happens if a job done by your vendor goes bad and I need to shell out additional money to replace the equipment/fixture?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:28

Yes, we take due care to always undertake the work through experienced vendors and pay special attention to monitor their work properly. In the event, you choose to use the services of any vendor or an empanelled vendor with PROPERTYHANDLING without supervision from our side then we shall not take any responsibility for the quality of work. In the event you choose to use our services of supervision along with the repairs then qualified personnel from our company shall certify the work on completion. Feedback on the quality of work done shall also be obtained from the tenant. If minor flaws are noticed in the work then we shall get the vendor to rework and complete the job to satisfaction. If major flaws are noticed we shall take action against the vendor and withhold payments and take corrective measures through a different vendor.

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