If I were to get you to paint the house through your vendor and after a few months if the paint were to start peeling off or start showing bubbles what can I do about it?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 12:28

Defects that get noticed after a few months could be due to various reasons. Poor workmanship could be one, but it could also be due to inherent defects in the structure, water leakage during rains or any such cause. If poor workmanship is the established reason after an assessment by our technical staff, we will initiate action against the vendor. But, if certain defects do appear after repairs within a reasonable time frame not due to poor workmanship but due to adverse conditions in the structure / parts or unforeseen problems with the property, our personnel shall review and recommend suitable action. In all such cases, the vendor or PROPERTYHANDLING cannot be penalized for the problem and the client is expected to settle all bills on time.

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