How would you assist me in drafting a GPA (General General Power of Attorney)? Can I issue a GPA to PROPERTYHANDLING for handling the task? How can I be sure that you will not misuse the GPA?

Property Handling
2016-08-02 11:38

We would assist you in drafting a GPA in following ways       i.        We will provide you instruction on how to get a GPA done.      ii.        We will provide you a sample draft of GPA. Yes, you can always issue a GPA to PROPERTYHANDLING for executing the required task on your behalf in India. We will always request for a specific GPA towards a particular activity specific to a particular property. On the basis of a specific GPA issued, the company shall duly authorize a representative (company employee) to act on behalf of the company & this will be done as per the legal procedures. Powers will be revoked once the desired activity is completed.

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